How we work

We are a team of skilled professionals providing a hands-on approach with our clients. Our team is in close constant contact with the consultants and the contractors who are involved in the project.
Our success is through a wealth of experience and we have our proven track record as evidence of this. Having project managed many constructions in the UK for many years, we have access to the best trade workers in the business both in the UK and abroad. In addition to successful project delivery, we have gained the respect of professional consultants and contractors in the UK and as such, they are keen to be a part of the project teams we oversee. In most cases, we are offered preferential rates and quotations for the works, the benefits of which are passed down to our clients.

We act as client’s representative throughout the life of the project.

From Concept to Completion, and depending on how much or how little you need us, we can:

If additional design, planning guidance or technical drawings are requested, Projektplus will ensure these requirements are also delivered.

As the client’s personal consultants, our goal is to eliminate stress and risk, ensuring the development of the project is a positive experience. The services we offer are individually tailored to each project.

On any given project we are the Client’s representative. We are also the hub of communication amongst all parties involved in the project. Project Management of the Construction is done through formulating a carefully managed programme of works, which involves planning and co-ordination of multiple disciplines and specialists. This enables us to achieve the milestones and deliverables in the shortest possible time. Our expertise allows us to bring the professionals into the project at the right time hence increasing the efficiency with which we deliver all projects.

We are flexible in our approach, and the service we offer is dependent on varying factors:

  1. Your own expertise and desire to be a part of the programme
  2. Your requirements
  3. The complexity of the project

We share the German philosophy of work

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Expert Craftmanship
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Expert Engineering Design
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