Mr. Andrews

” Sascha Schneider’s understanding of the entire nature of the building of a Huf Haus was exceptionally deep, including a rather complex issue with the services. All such issues were predicted by them, and the appropriate action taken. “

” There were no last minute problems whatsoever, inspire of the fact that we changed our mind several times on the position of services. “

” ProjektPlus’s communication to the clients could not be better. The entire build was a pleasure. “

” Sascha Schneider is a quiet but enthusiastic operator. His knowledge is huge and his attention to detail is impressive. He works hard, and was on schedule for the length of the project. “

Mr. and Mrs. Iversen

” We are happy to recommend ProjektPlus, which provided invaluable support to us as the project managing company in the construction of the Huf Haus „Nepeta“, which is now our joint family home. “

” ProjektPlus negotiated and oversaw contractors for the initial earth work, tree work, drainage and mains connections, and liaised with HUF HAUS over all aspects of the design of construction. “

” Sascha Schneider played a critical role also in negotiating with the local authority planning office for initial approval of the project, and after handover in negotiating further approvals for landscape works in the grounds of the house. “

” ProjektPlus was often on site, and we met frequently. “

” We have no hesitation in recommending him strongly as a knowledgeable and experienced consultant who is familiar with the many problems associated with construction and delivery of a home or commercial facility. Although his experience has largely been with HUF HAUS, these skills will be easily transferable to other projects. “

Mr. Horsfield – Head of Development

Timpson LTD

” We already have good in-house property and building teams at Timpson, but when we decided to appoint the German firm Huf Haus to build a new restaurant on Anglesey we quickly realized that designing and managing the build required an experienced and specialist project manager. The decision was therefore made to appoint Sascha Schneider of Projekt Plus as project manager for both the design and build stages of the project, which I am pleased to say was one of the best decisions we made during the scheme. “

Technically very competent in all aspects of building technology and methods of construction. “

” Excellent understanding of aesthetic design and Building Regulations ensuring we archived a good balance between the two. “

” Excellent communication and reporting standards. “

” Excellent cost control and a good appreciation of the clients budget. “

Mr. Runyard

” Throughout the project I found Sascha Schneider extremely reliable and conscientious. He is innovative and places great emphasis on attention to detail. He is also an excellent negotiator and was able to maintain first class relationships with the various suppliers and trades. This resulted in my house being completed on time and on budget. “

Mr. Monovski

” Few project managers will tell you what their added value is. With ProjektPlus, the value is clear and quantifiable before, during and after the life of the project. “

Mr. and Mrs. Young

” We were relieved when we were introduced to ProjektPlus. There were a lot of variables to be understood and dealt with prior to our house being delivered. It was good having ProjektPlus\’s knowledge of the build process involved. “

” They were truly committed to our project, and helped hit our delivery deadline. They are not 9-5 people, they were very flexible, with calls in the evenings / weekends to fit in with our availability.
Thank you ProjektPlus! “

Mr. and Mrs. Aronow

” ProjektPlus is a unique project management service covering al aspects one might need for a successful building project allowing the client to have as much or as little input they like. “

” Their team of knowledgable and dedicated people with expertise in different areas, combine their strengths to provide a highly efficient service overall. 

” Their communication with both clients and contractors are clear and frequent and make sure all parties are connected. “

” Experience in front dealing with government agencies as well as utility companies means that they know exactly who to contact and how to get results fast. “

” Having worked with may people in the industry they are also in a great position to get quotes and negotiate good deals and have saved us a lot of money in the process. “

” We are highly impressed with their invaluable level of service and are very glad to have them on board. “